United States Zoological Association National Convention and Training

May 13-14th, 2017 (Saturday & Sunday) at the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park

Saturday Work Day
9am-5pm Hands on all day Primate or Big Cat you will learn habitat environment, diets, health care, tranquilizing, handling of cubs and pre-adult Cats. Those of you interested in Primate care will learn hands-on habitat environment, enrichment, health care, shifting, tranquilizing, diets and all USDA requirements for housing, staff and record keeping of primates and big cats.
Lunch at 11 am Show and tour at 11:30 am
Sunday 9am-5pm, Classroom and more hands on
Lunch 11am
Tour and show 11:30 am

Certificates at 6 pm

Cost: $100.00 includes paperwork, lunch, show, tour, both days

Nearby Hotels
Kents- Wynnewood
Comfort Inn Pauls Valley
Days Inn Pauls Valley

Camp sites at the park with water and power $30.00