Rescue & Re-Home

Become Part Of A Real Rescue Not A Scam

First ask yourself what is exactly a sanctuary? That answer is, it is a private owner with a hording problem and a God complex that thinks they are better than you as far as taking care of animals, when in fact the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park rescues more animals from sanctuaries that have taken in so many animals they get overwhelmed with animals and debt.

Other sanctuaries make it a marketing project to say they need money to pay vet bills, travel expenses etc. in order to rescue animals. But take a look at the vehicles they are driving to do the rescues, hotels they stay in and air plane bills they acquire to do these so called rescues. Your money is paying their lifestyle not animals being rescued.

There is NEVER a reason any rescue or re-home bill should rack up to this kind of total. If your in this for all the right reasons you find much less cheaper ways to relocate animals, Not in a $200,000.00 rig and traveling like the President of the United States.

That’s why the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park is just that. A zoo open to the public, that takes unwanted animals and answers every call for help out there for animals.

Our largest rescue was a Sanctuary that had 42 tigers we moved at one time and it only cost us $1,800.00 to complete the entire rescue.

Another rescue was in Louisiana cleaning out a sanctuary there. Moved 9 large cats back to Oklahoma on $750.00 in fuel. Why because we drove and slept in our pick up trucks because that is what you do when you really rescue animals.

There is never a need to spend that much money on any one rescue or re-home. Here is some pictures of some of the rescues of our past.

If you would like to donate to help build cages, buy meat, pay vet bills. That is where we spend our money that is donated. Not on nice trucks, fancy homes, and hotels