It’s All Lies

More and more sanctuaries in the United States would like to have you believe that petting an animal is abuse and when they get too old to pet, they are sold on the black market, butchered among other things.

Fact #1– In fact there has never been anyone found in the United States to butcher a cub or other animal when it is too large to have public contact. This is one of the most heart-tugging stories just to get you to donate money to their cause, which none of the money you donate goes to help cubs and other animals be kept from being sold to the black market. Why? Because there is no black market in the United States.

Fact #2– It is very well proven that people tend to help save the same animals in the wild, watch what kind of things they buy which destroy their natural habitat by petting one in captivity and falling in love with an animal such as a baby tiger, which otherwise would never come to know one. It is much easier to get people involved with saving something they get to touch rather than read about it in a book or online.

Fact #3– If you really do your homework just about anyone who claims this is abuse by letting the public interact with cubs started out that very same way. Petting cubs and selling animals is how they all got started and once they have made their millions they quit and expect NO ONE else to ever be able to do it. Look very close at their websites and you can see they still promote their cause by using cute baby animals such as bobcats, lynx, and various other baby animals. Don’t be sucked into their world of lies for profit.

Fact #4– Be very careful of what people tend to think is a Sanctuary. What is a Sanctuary in today’s world? A private owner that likes animals that have figured out that for $850.00 they can become not for profit and get you the public to fund their hobby. Now once they have done this they get a God complex and no one should have them but them. Not even you.
Even our lawmakers are very confused about the word Sanctuary. They think for some reason these people are licensed by some higher power which is anything but correct. There is no license issued by anyone for a Sanctuary. They are all private owners just like you are but they are passing laws making it illegal for you to have something and turning it right around and giving your animals to a private owner who calls themselves a Sanctuary and people are making millions doing this.

Fact #5– Now really do your homework and look at the board of directors of these places and then pull up their property they own of which they live. You will see most live in houses of $800,000.00 or more while you are working and giving your money to them thinking they are using it for animals. One facility in Florida is making so much money doing this to the public that she has 6 nonprofits and using them to filter money back and fourth buying rental property all for the sake of helping animals which really is fraud.

Be smart, if you want to help animals, don’t donate to anyone you have no personal connection with. Go to your local shelter in your own town and donate there or buy things they need.

Please quit giving to people you don’t know.