Hybrids & Research

Please Notice……Hybridization does not create or produce genetic defects. In fact it proves the following:

  1. All big cats are genetically the same or they could not breed and produce off spring. The reason why not so many people do it is because it takes nearly 5 years to produce a litter as they must grow up together to get rid of the discrimination between the two species, which means there is no money in it. Strictly research of genetics.
  2. It also has proven that hybrids are genetically stronger than a purebred. This is also very true about hybrid (mutt) dogs. Think about this, do you go to the pet store to buy special diets for a mutt dog vs a pure bred dog because their stomach is sensitive or skin allergies? The answer would be NO, hybrid or mutt dogs are much stronger to many illnesses and diseases vs a pure bred dog. Same goes for big cats and other species.

Two horrible words that make the animal rights people money, just because they have learned how to exploit the word.

  • Inbreeding
  • Puppy mill

When you are told the word inbreeding you automatically think OMG, this is horrible, they come out with cross eyes, clef palates, and club feet. When the truth be told many animals live in prides, like lions or troops like primates and inbreed all the time as a natural instinct in the wild.

Cross eyes and other deformities are caused and carried through a bad gene just like down syndrome or cross eyes in humans. Good responsible breeders would have that animal spayed or neutered so the gene does not keep generating. It has nothing to do with inbreeding.

More and more sanctuaries like to fraud people to raise money saying white tigers are inbred to be white. Surprise to everyone even some of the people still saying that today, gave DNA of all the white tigers in their zoos and sanctuaries and guess what? NOT ONE was related. Here is the scientific proof.

Part of our job as professionals is to make sure you get the right and true information there is out there so you can learn and be educated on what is really going on in the exotic animal world and not be fallen to the scams for profit.

When you hear the word Puppy mill you right away think, hundreds of dogs in wire rabbit cages. And this could be true in foreign countries but not here in the United States. In order to be a commercial breeder you must be licensed by the USDA APHIS which is the Animal Welfare Act. and commercial breeders are under very tight regulations. However the animal rights groups have made millions off of exploiting that word Puppy mill. Did you know that there are not enough dog breeders left in this country to provide puppies for the demanding homes? The humane societies are now shipping them in by the hundreds from other countries in order to keep their adoption centers full and charging up to $400.00 to adopt a puppy. This is called Retail Rescue


  • Liger = Male Lion and Female Tiger
  • Tigon = Tiger Male and Female Lion
  • Tiliger = Male Tiger and Female Liger
  • LiLiger = Male Lion and Female Liger

Male offspring are believed to be sterile until the 4th generation. We are now on that generation and it will be interesting if the research proves to be correct.

This facility and the Big Cat Institute are the only ones in the world to have successfully bred all four of these species.